worried, adopted indian ring neck....new owner

by karen

Worried,adopted indian ringneck is pulling out his front neck feathers,looking rather bald.I have only had him 8 days!! plucking started after 4/5 days.he does not have a problem with me cleaning cage daily or going into feed and water...no mad fluttering etc, however seems wary and goes to back of cage when i approach at any other time.I speak to him...he likes to listen to music...has a little jig..and even comes out of his cage. can anybody advise me?

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Oct 16, 2012
Pulling out neck feathers
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem when I was given my bird. The previous owners did not want her any more so I got her for free. I am sure your bird is stressed out and scared of its new surroundings and new owner. My bird plucked so much that the neck feathers were gone and she had bare skin that she would self mutilate until she bled. Some times the bleeding would be so bad the only way to comfort her was to cover the cage. Do you have any other birds or animals? I had a cat at the time and even though it couldn't get near the cage I think just its prescence stressed out my bird. Continue doing what you are doing and eventually the bird will come around. Also, when you leave the house put on the radio or TV for the bird so it won't sit in silence and be bored and pluck. Make sure your bird has toys and other bird items that it can chew and play with to occupy its time.

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