Would I be a suitable owner for a Sun Conure?

by Louise

I am currently looking at getting a Sun Conure as a pet so I am doing a bit of research to see if I would be a suitable owner. I am a massive animal lover! Unfortunately I live in an apartment, although it is a very big apartment, it limits me to what kind of pet I can have. My partner goes away a lot for long periods of time for work so I am looking for a pet to keep me company and a pet with a bit of personality.
I have been doing my research and it appears that Sun Conures are high maintenance, they need a lot of attention and training and seem to be very noisy birds???? Is this correct?
I have not had to much experience with birds, so my question is, as a 'beginner bird owner' would I be able to handle a Sun Conure or am I being a bit ambitious??? My other concern is their noise, are they really loud???
I am drawn to their stunning appearance, personality, intelligence and their overall uniqueness. If there is anybody that could help me and give me a bit of advice it would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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May 17, 2009
by: Sandy

I just got a 3 month old Quaker Parrot and I LOVE it... I was going to get a Conure but Quakers have the ability to talk more so then a Conure and I think they have the same "clown" like behavior. Mine is loud but not allday. I think you should get one. I wish I knew how fun they were long ago. The task at hand for me is getting mine to eat veggies and fruits but we are coming along. Good Luck and go for it...

May 16, 2009
Being Owned by a Parrot
by: Linda

As a first bird owner, I'd recommend a Budgie or Cockatiel. Both birds learn to talk, and both become very gentle and affectionate.
Be sure to do your homework about what each of those birds will need. Tracie has a good selection of books, so check here first. You will need to feed a high quality food, and Harrisons pelleted diet would fit that order. Tracie sells that here too. An all seed diet is lacking in major nutrients and will eventually take its toll on a bird's health. As large a cage as you can afford would be next item of interest.The other very important issue is where to get your bird. DO NOT buy a bird from a pet store. Look for breeders in your area from which to buy your bird(s).
Whatever bird you get will need to be taken to an Avian vet immediately to be checked out for any infection. Also, check out the breeder's facility. Nasty cages and floors are bad,poorly feathered birds or birds fluffed up and/or sitting in a corner are most likely sick.Some breeders are only interested in the money, and the bird's health and well being are secondary. Check out a couple and let your heart and intuition be your guide. Make sure person is knowledgeable about the birds and willing to answer any questions you feel the need to ask. Sometimes people will try and sell you a larger, more expensive bird, and do not be swayed by this attempt to get more of your money.First birds should be smaller and easier to maintain.
Earning any bird's trust takes time no matter if it is handfed or wild. The first week new bird is in your home, you should give it time to adjust and not try and push it. Forget about the "talking" issue as all the parrots learn to talk given time and a happy, safe home environment. I've had handfed baby Cockies talking before they are weaned, so don't worry if your birds don't talk immediately. Parrots have emotional and intelligence level of about a 4-5 year old child, and they will always be children needing you.
Let your first bird be one easy to manage like the Budgie or Cockatiel. You can always move up to a larger bird later.Birds are wild animals, and all birds can and do bite, so start with a smaller beak,and you'll be glad you did.
Let us know how everything goes!

May 16, 2009
Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

Although I've never owned a Sun Conure, a close friend of mine does. Yes, they are very loud! They are nice, active birds, and can be hand tamed and taught tricks. If you love the look of a Sun Conure, why not look into getting a Fischer's Lovebird? They have similarly stunning looks, but are much quieter,which is important especially if you rent and this is a concern for you. I have 2 Fischer's, and they are very playful and quite lovable. For now while you're renting, you may feel less stressed with a bird who is quieter. Good luck in your search!

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