Would like to adopt a parrot

by AMG
(Reston VA)

I currently have a Finches conure that has been living with me for 18 years and a Cherry head conure that has been living with me for 17 years. For the most part, the two parrots get along well with each other. What should I expect from the adoptive parrot and the two that I already have? Will I need to have two seperate cages? What is the chances that the parrots can live in peace with one another? I am trying to find a medium sized parrot that would match in size to the other two. Thanks.

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Jan 17, 2010
Looking to adopt a parrot
by: Karen

Hello I have a lot of knowledge with birds and parrots as i use to own one i was wanting to have another one would anyone have any information where i would look to adopt a Parrot to give the bird a good and loving home if you can help me out with this please contact me at (we do not post email addresses on this site)

thank you in advance

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Nov 12, 2009
Would like to adopt a parrot
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing! Your new parrot will need to be housed in a cage of his/her own. The older birds, are used to each other and appear to get along. When you introduce a new bird to the flock, the new bird needs a place of their own to keep the other two from becoming jealous and possibly violent. You may be able to introduce them later on, and I doubt that you'll want to cage them together at any time since your new one will be young, and the others older and more set in their habits.

So, buy another cage for new bird, and it would be good to stick with birds their size and also from South American region. Sometimes birds from different parts of the world do not get along. Like putting an Indian Ringneck with a Conure or an African Grey with a Macaw or Amazon. Even though the birds were raised here in the US, their likes and dislikes from their homelands remain as a type of memory. All parrots are wild, undomesticated animals and will always fall back on their beginnings in countries of origin.

So, you may wish to buy another conure, and I suggest you buy from a breeder in your area and not a pet store. Most, not all, pet stores buy from Bird Mill breeders, and the birds are already sick when they are taken into the store where they become more sick. As I said not all pet stores buy from this type of breeder. Bird Mills are like the puppy and kitten mills--breeders breed for money, and you can't make that much money if you take good care of your birds, dogs, and cats.

When you find a breeder with the kind of Conure you like, ask if you may visit to get an idea of how healthy their birds are and how they are housed and fed. Ask questions about if they give Health Certificates with the birds they sell. This would mean the breeder is taking good care of their birds, and that the birds have already been seen by an Avian Vet so you know they are healthy. Birds living on all seed diets do NOT produce as healthy a baby as ones eating a high quality pelleted diet.

Good luck and keep us posted on your new bird.


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