Would like to purchase another bird

by Karen
(East Lansing, MI)

I love my conure (Gabriel) dearly. So much so, that I would like to get another bird. I am afraid it may make Gabriel jealous since he doesn't like when I show any attention to our dogs. I certainly don't want to traumatize Gabriel in anyway. Would it be a bad idea to get another bird? Or is there a way to get Gabriel to accept another bird in the house?

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Dec 18, 2008
another bird
by: Lori

As the owner of 3 birds (african grey, sun conure and Cockatiel) I say go ahead and get another one if you want it. Just make sure they each have their own cage. I don't know that my birds like each other because the conure snaps at both of the other birds if he gets close and the grey is afraid of the conure and the cockatiel if they get to close to him. But I do think they keep each other company when I'm not home. My grey is constantly telling the conure "Willy, knock it off! I don't wanna hear it." If you get another conure just count on double the noise. My conure matches the cockatiel screech for screech.

Dec 18, 2008
Purchase another bird for company?
by: Tracie

Hello Karen,

It is hard to tell if your bird would be happy or upset. You just can never tell with birds. In my opinion another bird would be welcome company for most birds.

They will need to be kept in separate cages until you KNOW they want to live together, if you were planning on putting them together.

You will want to quarantine the new bird in a separate part of your house also, unless it is coming from the same aviary as your last bird. Still some people quarantine even though they use the same breeder.

Your bird might even be jealous at first, but if you show it attention first and consistently it will likely get over it. Many people have more than one bird in the house. We have 5 birds in the same room.

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