Would the the Birds change attitude

by Val Mays
(Chelsea OK)

I have an African Gray congo, My sister has one as well. Both about 12 to 14 in age. My question is could they possibly mate? Bogee is and male and Pearl is a female. Bogee shows the signs of wanting a mate with my sister. I know it takes time but would it be possible to pair them up? Would the birds change their personalities?

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Jul 06, 2011
Would the the Birds change attitude
by: Linda

Yes, they will change, and the pets you both now have will be gone. Once pair bonding takes place, the pair no longer has much need for you except for feeding, watering and cleaning up after them.

There are too many parrots in the marketplace today, and most of them end up in less than happy homes including outright neglect and abuse. Please do not breed these two because then you become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

I guarantee you that you will make a mistake putting these two together as they mate for life, and this bonding, mating excludes being a cute, friendly pet bird forever.

Thanks for asking the right questions before doing anything here, because you have just saved yourselves a lot of money, effort, time, heartache, and birds can be friends and see each other now and again. Birds do not have to breed to be happy, so I suggest you concentrate on giving them quality lives and forget about breeding altogether.

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