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Feb 08, 2010
Wound in my parrots tail
by: Linda

YOUR BIRD HAS A BROKEN FEATHER AND WILL NEED TO BE TAKEN TO AN AVIAN VET SO IT CAN BE PULLED WITH A PAIR OF NEEDLE NOSED PLIERS. If you have a pair at home and someone to hold bird, you can pull this feather. Your bird is in danger of bleeding to death as broken blood feathers keep bleeding everytime they are touched until pulled out. You'll need to have someone hold bird securely, and put pliers on feather shaft above the break and PULL STRAIGHT OUT, IN THIS CASE DOWN. PULL FEATHER OUT EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS GROWING INTO THE SKIN. There will be a little blood that will quickly coagulate.Either YOU have to do this or Avian vet has to do it. Your bird WILL BLEED OUT FROM THIS IF NOT TAKEN CARE OF.

As for the mutton, fish and chicken, this is a horrible, nasty diet for a parrot, so DO NOT FEED ANY OF THIS MESS TO YOUR BIRD. Tracie carries organic, high quality pellets out here, and these are what your bird should be eating. Harrison's is good, and we've used it with our Amazons for 17 years with great results. They also make a Birdy Bread mix that will help changing bird over from an all seed diet. Seed diets are not healthy and end up killing birds. The cheaper pellets have dyes and pesticide/fertilizer residue in them and will also hurt your bird. So feed a good organic, high quality pellet to keep your bird happy and healthy.

I suggest you take your bird to an Avian Vet immediately to have blood feather pulled and to be checked for infection and/or internal parasites since it has been eating such a horrible diet. Though birds do eat some protein in the wild, it normally consists of worms and such. Whoever fed this bird all that meat knows NOTHING ABOUT PARROTS. It would be a good idea for you to start learning about parrots' care by reading some information in books and on the internet. In this day and age of the internet, there is no reason for NOT learning everything about our pet birds.


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