wound under wing

My 3 year old lovebird seems to have a cut/wound under its wing near where the wing meets the body...it has dried blood and t seems like a bit of an open wound around it as well...??
Is she picking it or what could this be? i will try to find a vet tommorrow, but it is friday and i don't live near much...
Any thoughts to get me through the weekend?

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Nov 18, 2008
Wound under wing
by: The Vet

This sounds like axillary dermatitis and is very common in lovebirds. It is also very difficult to treat. Do not put any topical medications on this wound. It is important to keep it dry. Do not allow her to bathe. The best thing to do is nothing until you can get to an avian veterinarian.

Dr. B

Editor's note: I am very, very sorry this took days to post. Our system has been down since Friday morning.

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