xmas tree branch?

by rose bruno
(brick n,j)

can a xmas tree branch harm one bird but not 2 others?

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Jan 14, 2010
Pine tree branch
by: Tracie

Please share more information for Dr B to understand your question. What harm are you talking about? Pine branches are fine for birds, pine oil is not good. If your bird ate the needles then it could get sick.

Please share more information if you still want Dr B's help. Below is a statement from a tree expert about pine and birds:

Pine: We read an article about Pine and Cedar containing compounds that can cause lung or sinus problems. But the article was about bedding like shavings put in bottoms of animal cages; more common for hampsters and other pets; rarely for parrots or cockatiels. When we listed pine above, that meant as perch wood which this page is geared for. Also be certain that the pine for bird perches is dry pine that aged for as much as a year or two. Otherwise the pitch in the pine will be an awful thing for bird feathers.

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