Yellow Amazon parrot spills food

by Willie
(Miami )

Why does my parrot spills her food

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Jan 01, 2012
spilling food
by: Anonymous

Heres a few therories on why he spills his food.

1. He's bored. and has just discovered his bowl moves and makes noise.
2. He does it for your attention. bc he knows you notice. Anything to get you to his cage to talk.
and or to clean bc he wants you near. Basically he's lonely.
3. If another bird is in the home, or cage, it's jealousy.

Whatever the reason, birds do things oddly enough bc they know certain behaviors result in a response from you.

Try rotating his toys, maybe changing a perch around, something to keep his little brain active. Interact with him more. The more active he is, less of a mess he will make.

In the meantime, they have feeders that prevent messes.

I have a bird, who likes to climb in her dish, grab a side of it and then kick it all out. Making a huge mess. As cute as this is when she does it. I dont re-enforce that behavior. I got to where I waited to clean after her. Put less pellet in her bowl making it harder for her to make a mess, and check it each day to make sure she's got food. I found her toys she liked, bc the ones she had, i noticed she didnt like. I keep her busy, active, and I socialize more with her. Appearly she just needed a little more time with humans. Very rare she does it anymore.

Good luck!

Dec 31, 2011
Dish to stop parrot from spilling food
by: Tracie

This is perfectly normal, but irritating, behavior.

You can purchase the No Mess Feeder Large for your bird and it will keep your bird from being able to spill the food.

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