yellow collared parrot died suddenly

our yellow collared pet macaw died suddenly on saturday. he was 21 years old. we owned buzz for 18 years and he was never sick. on saturday he appeared lethargic. my father took him to the vet and buzz died 20 minutes later. the vet said his heart was beating irregularly. we are devastated and seeking answers about why our pet died. thank you for your help.
debra bova

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Aug 29, 2011
Bird suddenly died
by: Tracie

It is hard to say what happened. A necropsy would have told you what happened. It could have been that the bird breathed or chewed something toxic, or it could have had a disease or illness that it had been hiding for some time.

If you get another bird, please take the bird to an avian vet yearly for check ups. Be sure and Find an Avian Vet for your bird, because regular vets often accidentally kill birds due to lack of experience.

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