yellow nape amazon not talking

by kim dowlin
(United States)

I just rehomed a year and a half old yellow nape amazon but he still wont talk to us. when will he start.i thought they were social birds

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Sep 27, 2013
yellow nape amazon not talking
by: Sandra D Singh

Hello Kim, first of all I'd like to say thank you for taking this bird into your home. This means so much to me; whenever I hear of people doing such good deeds for "anyone" it makes me extremely happy. I must say that you're a very blessed person.
Although the information that you've given is minimal I'll try to give you the best advice that I can. Have you taken him to an Avian Vet for a check up? If not please do so immediately because he could be ill according to Linda; that's a lesson I've learnt by losing my two dearest love birds.
Please keep trying and don't you "ever" give up on him. Amazons "are" social birds and all that I've known for the past 58 years does talk. Some are better talkers and I've known a lot! Whether or not he talks shouldn't matter and I "know" it won't matter to you because you're a person with a good heart. I do understand that you're just curious as to whether or not he'd talk. Some of us have children that can't talk but that doesn't mean that we stop caring or loving them.
Kim, according to the length of time you've had him maybe he doesn't feel comfortable enough with you "as yet". Also it could be that he'd been neglected by a previous owner or owners which is a form of "abuse". If so, it could take awhile for him to fully place his trust in you and feel comfortable to talk.
Take good care of him and talk to him "every single day". Give him the love that he needs in abundance and he'd know that "you are" someone he can trust. I wish you both the best and please update us and thank you. Take care and God bless you both.

Sep 24, 2013
yellow nape amazon not talking
by: Linda

The very first thing you have to do is have this bird examined for infections or other physical issues by a licensed and trained Avian Vet ONLY. Depending on the reason he was re-homed, it could be that he has been neglected and fed incorrect food to the point he is very sick. Sick birds won't talk, and they won't interact with you either because they are sick. Do not blame the bird at this point and get him to an Avian Vet as quickly as you can because he most likely is sick and will not talk or do anything else until he is diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet only.

Don't bother wasting time and money with a dog and cat vet because they are not even licensed to look at a bird or other exotic animal much less diagnose and treat it.

Once your bird has been examined by avian vet, he will either be treated or released as healthy. Birds new to a home do not talk for sometimes a year or more, so if the only reason you have him is so he can entertain you, then you've made a grave mistake that may cost him his life.

Let us know what the Avian Vet has to say and don't be in such a hurry for this poor bird to talk. First he has to learn to trust you, and trust is earned not ever freely given, so give him space and time to get well and feel comfortable with you. If this is not possible, go ahead and have avian vet check him out to make sure he is healthy and re-home him with people who understand parrots and their needs.


Sep 24, 2013
Amazon not talking
by: Angela

You didn't say how long you have had the bird, it does take them a while to get used to their new surroundings and new owners. It also depends on what kind of life he had before he came into yours. Time and patience is all it takes. All birds are social and it takes time before you become part of the "flock". Most birds will mimic sounds and words and some will not. I got my bird from an abusive home three years ago and she still doesn't mimic human words but uses different chirps to communicate with me. I understand when she says no, yes, go sleep and poop. The most fascinating thing is that she understands what I say and can answer me back.

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