yellow nape amazon parrot

by timothy lee swartz
(greenville,ohio 45331)

do they get along with parakeets ?

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Nov 27, 2009
african grey eyes
by: Linda

Depends on what you are speaking of as Parakeets. There are the little Budgies, and an Amazon would be okay if they stay in their cage. The Budgie is a very aggressive little bird, so I don't recommend allowing them out of their cages at the same time or advocate any kind of play between them.

If you want a chum for your Nape, I suggest you get either another Amazon or one of the South American birds like a conure. Conures are also a bit on the pushy side, so I'm not advocating you put any of them together in same cage with an Amazon. Even if you get an Amazon, you will need to take a lot of time before you put it into cage with your present bird if ever. Some birds just don't like a bird we have chosen, and this will end badly with one of them badly hurt or dead.I always suggest separate cages so each bird has their own territory, perches, toys and food and water dishes.

So, as for Budgies, if you get one or two, keep them in their own cage, and I don't recommend allowing all birds out of cage at the same time.

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