Yellow Nape Diet

What are the best things to feed a yellow nape parrot? What do you NOT feed a yellow nape parrot?

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Aug 30, 2009
Amazon diet
by: L'oiseaux

I have a 10 year old blue-fronted Amazon that is happy and healthy, so I'll share his diet with you. Incidentally, I take him to the vet annually to have blood tests, and everything is normal, including weight. I feed him Roudybush pellets, supplemented with some seed. But very importantly, I provide him twice a day (breakfast and dinner) with healthy wholesome, organic people food. Mostly this consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables, pasta, rice, beans, some meat, poultry or fish, nuts and yogurt. So on a typical day, I'll give him fruit for breakfast and either a walnut (out of the shell) or an almond (in the shell).

At dinner, I will give him whatever vegetable we're eating, and if we're eating meat or pasta will also give him a taste of that. Note, I only eat organic natural meat and do not eat it every day. I also give him yogurt a couple of times a week (make sure it is natural yogurt without the artificial sweeteners).

Note that Almonds can be given in the shell, as an Amazon can crack an almond shell, and it provides some entertainment. Walnut shells are too difficult for an Amazon to crack. I strongly believe in providing this kind of variety in the diet, not only for physical health, but emotional health too.

Parrots are intelligent, and need things to do. Providing variety in the diet helps curb some of the boredom. My parrot's favorite foods are blueberries, strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges, snowpeas, corn on the cob, carrots (cooked or raw), spinach leaves, cooked sweet potato, lima beans, and red beans. Hope this helps.

Aug 29, 2009
What to feed an Amazon Parrot
by: Tracie

Wow, it would take too much space to list everything, but I can give general guidelines and some links for you to follow and read.

Please read our Parrot Health article. It will help you understand why organic pellets and foods are the best thing to feed your bird. Our vet suggests 80% healthy pellets and 20% healthy seeds and treats.

You want to avoid sharing your table food that is high fat or sugar. There are several things that will kill your bird to eat, lick or breath. Please, please, PLEASE look at our Non-toxic/toxic list.

If you have an iron or ironing board with Teflon coating, a toaster oven with Teflon, or anything with Teflon that gets hot get rid of it! The fumes will kill your bird.

Be careful about anything metal that your bird might chew or lick, if it has zinc or lead in it, your bird will get sick and can die.

Be careful about air fresheners and perfumes, sometimes they kill birds.

Again, the list is way too long, please look at the links provided above. Thanks for asking!

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