Yellow Nape vs African Grey

by Mary
(Fort Lauderdale)

I am looking to purchase a bird such as the Yellow Nape or African Grey.

I am very familiar of the yellow nape as I had owned one over the past 35 years and he passed away.

I want to purchase another bird and not sure which would be the best to purchase.

I want an excellent talker,intelligent bird, long life, and just a great companion.

What bird would you suggest?
What are the life span'sof both?
Dispositions of both?
Intelligence of both?
Talking ability of both?

I'm trying to make the right decision, in finding the bird that just loves being around people, fun to play with and can be taught to talk and communicate the best.

Can you help with some pro's and con's of both species?

Also do any of the Mcaws fit in to comparison with the yellow nape and african grey?

Do you perhaps know where I can look to find a healthy bird?

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Nov 18, 2009
Yellow Nape vs African Grey
by: Linda

Hello and thanks for writing. In Yellow Nape Amazon vs African Grey, either would make very special pets who can learn to talk, sing and dance! I prefer the Amazons as they are more laid back. The Greys have the powder down feathers which coat everything with a thick substance hard to keep clean(bad for allergies). They are the BEST talkers and mimics of the parrot world and are sweet and personable as well. They do produce more feather pluckers which you rarely see in the Amazons.

The Macaws are a species unto themselves, and are very intelligent and special. I'd recommend one of the mini-macaws because the full-size ones require huge cages, perches and toys not to mention how many pellets and treats they can consume.The Severe is a larger mini macaw, and the Hahn's is a smaller bird with all the machismo of a full-size Macaw!Either one would be a wonderful choice though their talking ability is not same as Amazon or Grey.

All parrots have roughly the emotional and mental development of a 4-5 year old human child, and are all sensitive creatures who are also wild animals through and through. They may be hand-fed babies, and the babies grow up to be the exotic, wild beauties they were meant to be. They are capable of much empathy, love and trust with their human flock, and will be loyal to a fault if loved, respected and treated as the regal creatures they always have been.

As for lifespans, the Amazons and Greys can live up to 70-75 if properly cared for. The large Macaw up to 90-100 years old, and the mini macaws would be similar to the Amazons and Greys.

Try not to buy from a pet store unless they specialize in parrots. Regular pet stores usually buy their birds from bird mill breeders and most are sick only to get sicker as time goes on.

Find a couple of breeders in your area and go for a visit. Breeders breeding hundreds of birds MAY fall into the Bird Mill category so be careful. Call a few of them up for a chat and go from there. If you have to buy from pet store try and find a store that sells only the birds and talk with personnel about a health certificate when you buy your bird. This certificate guarantees that these birds have been seen by an Avian Vet. You'll still need to take your new bird into see an Avian Vet as changing environments lowers their immune systems, and makes them vulnerable to infections.

Take your time, visit with a few breeders. It is dangerous for birds to be shipped via airliners, so concentrate in your driving area for stores and breeders. Good Luck and God's Speed,

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