yellow naped amazon, 25 years old

My parrot has been making a crying noise since yesterday and his feathers are fluffed. He is usually very talkative. He is eating just fine and has energy. He just makes this weird noise that sounds like crying.

I did put out a giant Halloween spider yesterday and maybe it frightened him? That is the only change. It has gotten colder so I turned the heat on in the house to take out the chill. I have had him since he was a baby. Could he have a cold and if so, how do I treat it?

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Oct 16, 2009
Yellow Nape
by: Linda

You need to take your bird to an Avian vet in your area. Birds as old as yours need checkups at least once a year to make sure they are physically fit. Vet will do basic tests to make sure there are no infections or problems with other health issues. They will normally take a blood sample so they can run a few tests to make sure no infection is present and that kidneys and liver are functioning properly. A highly nutritous pelleted diet like Harrison's is what your older bird needs to be eating. NO PEOPLE FOOD OR OTHER JUNK FOOD, NO PROCESSED SUGAR AND NO SALT.

As for the Spider, it is scaring him to death!!!! I'm not kidding, take down the spider, and do not put up any other scarey pictures where he can see them. Birds think pictures are REAL, because the only way they see depth is by turning their heads this way and that since they have eyes on the sides instead up front like we do. We see in stereo, and they see flat from one side. Bird is scared of the spider, so please take it down. Also, don't put up any pictures of animals where he can see them for the same reason. They see spiders, big dogs or wolves, bears or other animals and believe them to be real and a threat to their health and wellbeing.

If we put pictures up in our bird's room or add wallpaper, or curtains, we have to make sure only small flowers or other harmless designs are on them. Birds will be terrified of pictures with even small animals in them, including butterflies, as they think the animals will jump on them when they are not watching. I have tested this out, and it is true. I had a Toucan years' ago, and decorated her room with those Japanese woodcut pictures of bamboo vines and Cherry tree branches. I watched her try and land on the branches and slide to the floor more times than I want to think about. We had to remove the pictures and leave the walls blank.

Take your bird to Avian vet to rule out infection, and get rid of the BIG SCAREY SPIDER!!!! If you wanted to get in the Halloween mood and scare somebody, WELL, YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED! Happy Halloween and don't give bird any candy either.

Thanks for writing,

Oct 16, 2009
Amazon "crying"
by: Tracie

This is not something Dr B can help with since he can not examine your bird, but I am not sure there is anything wrong with your bird anyway.

Yes, birds react to new things in their environment and sometimes even new clothing or perfume/cologne we might wear.

Take down the big spider and see if that helps. If after an hour or so the bird is still fluffed, then make an avian vet appointment.

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