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Nov 11, 2010
yellow naped amazon dive bombing my son
by: Linda

First, allow me to warn you of the potential dangers here. Amazons are some of my favorite birds, and if they are under stress, can be some of the most dangerous parrots found in homes. I'm not trying to scare you but to educate you about bird behavior. Birds are exotic, wild animals and will always be so. When under any kind of stress, they will sometimes act as they would in the wild.

Parrots normally do not understand small children and are actually afraid of them. Little children move fast and have erratic behaviors all of which scare the parrots. There can also be jealousy issues at work as well. Make sure you have taken bird into an Avian Vet to make sure he has no infections or other physical issues. Have the 6 long primary feathers at the end of each wing clipped, so he does not get enough lift to fly. With just those feathers clipped, he will gently glide to the floor. Do not allow them to cut up any higher as this causes chronic pain and birds fall like rocks and can be hurt. Wing trimming sometimes helps to settle a bird down once it realizes it cannot fly away. Flying away is a birds major defense, and they are easier to work with with wings clipped.

You will need to make use of the training materials on this site, Parrot Training page, and elsewhere on the internet. Birds have been seen by an Avian Vet first to makes sure there are no physical issues as sick birds cannot learn. Your bird also needs to be eating organic pelleted diet. All seed diets are bereft of real nutrition, and sunflower seeds will make birds more nervous and aggressive. Changing over is a process and here is a link about how to do it:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

We feed our Amazons Harrisons, Course Grind Lifetime pellets which come in two flavors-regular and pepper. I buy both and mix them. They also make a birdy bread mix that will help bridge the gap between seeds and pellets. Get the Sunshine Factor's organic Red Palm oil to put into the mix as it is a healthy, cold pressed, oil that will work wonders on feathers and skin.You can find the food and oil here.

Positive reinforcement is good, and never, ever losing your temper is a must. Be firm and gentle at the same time once you start training. In the meantime, make sure your child stays far enough away from bird so he cannot jump down on him from cage. They are capable of great harm as are any of the parrots, so err on the side of caution. He will eventually come to adore your child, so keep the faith, love and train him to be a good birdy citizen. Always, always keep an eye on him or on any other parrot around children or adults they seem to dislike. Many serious injuries can be inflicted by any of the larger birds.


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