yellow naped amazon gender

by nicole
(cape coral,fl)

how can you tell if a yellow naped amazon is a boy or girl

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Jan 30, 2018
Eye color
by: Jodi

My 28 year old yellow naped was always PRESUMED to be male. The eye color is bright orange, which doesn't fall into brown or red... do you suspect that he is a she, based on this?

Jan 16, 2010
yellow naped amazon gender
by: Linda

If your bird is younger than 7-8 years old, there is no way to tell except for DNA testing of the blood. An Avian Vet would have to draw a small amount of blood and send it off for DNA analysis.

If your bird is sexually mature 7-8 years old, you can tell gender by looking closely at the eye color. Male Amazons will have a flat brown eye color, and the females with have a reddish tint to their eye color.

So, if you don't mind waiting on a young bird to mature, you can tell then without the DNA testing. You'll need to see their eyes in fairly bright light like from a window or full spectrum light over the cage. Birds who never get real sunshine (through a window is not real sun) need to have full spectrum vita-lights hung above their cages high enough to be out of reach. Drs. Foster & Smith have these in a ballast driven fixture, and they come with chain ready to hang.

Hope this has helped you, and name your bird something that can be either male or female, like Charlie, Danny, Sandy, etc. Be creative!

Thanks for writing,

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