Yellow naped Amazon training

by Sam
(New York)

I just got a YNA 2 days ago. When should I let him out of his cage? And I'm really scared he will bite me. What should I do?

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Feb 03, 2012
New yellow naped Amazon parrot
by: Tracie

Do not let the bird out of the cage until you have had the wings trimmed and read all you can about Amazon parrot behavior. You need to read up on Amazons and spend time with the bird before attempting to let the bird out of the cage.

We have some books on caring for birds here, and spending time sitting next to the cage while interacting with the bird will help you get to know the body language of your bird. Pay attention to what the bird looks like when you do something it doesn't like, when you see this "look" you know to stop or get bit.

We have some parrot training materials on our Parrot Training page along with some parrot health articles that would be good for you to read.

Make sure your bird is eating a healthy diet. Feeding your bird a high quality pellet diet like Harrison's or Roudybush will save you money in vet bills in the future and also extend the life of your bird.

Amazon parrots live a long time, when fed well and not allowed to roam a home and ingest toxic items etc. I hope you have a good long happy life with your new bird.

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