yellow naped gestation and egg laying information

We rescued 2 yellow naped parrots one is 36 years old the other is 5 years old. I was told they were both male and to my surprise they are now breeding. I need to know what to do next as far as egg laying incubation and had raising. Next what to do to prevent reproducing. Can they be spayed or neutered like my other rescue animals or do I just need to seperate them from eachother? Any help would be greatly appreciated

I have really done my homework on how to work with abused adult birds but never thought I would be in the position I'm in. Any offspring will be raised and forever members of my family with all the love we can give. My 35 year old Homer was very abused and unable to handle for a long time he has come a long was now gives kisses and leaps off his cage to be held. Since mating with my other parrot he has become aggressive again. Will this behavior stop if they are seperated or will taking his mate away make him even more aggressive?

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Aug 04, 2008
Amazon breeding behavior
by: Tracie

If I were in your position, I would contact a couple of Amazon breeders and get some help. I do not breed birds, so I don't know the answer. I hope this all works out for you.

We have a Breeders List this site, if you would like to look at it. There is a button on the left that reads, "Breeders List" that has a list of Parrot Breeders by state and country.

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