Yellow Naped unproven pair

by Hussain Ali

I have 5 Years male hatched on (2008)
Unknown Female age.

since 6 months ago I have put them in one small cage in processing for mating.

he always Kissing and foreplay but she still scared of him.

while there are no assault fighting between them

What should I do in order to motivate them to mating as soon as possible

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Jun 26, 2013
Please Check pics
by: Hussain Alameeri


Here's some pics...I hope it can helps

Jun 25, 2013
by: Hussain Ali

In fact I know all that has been mentioned above

I arranged all the special things in the big cage and nest box, but now the birds are at process of knowing each other

But I would like to know if these natural behaviors of the female even if it is not young in Age

Are there any signs I know from which they may accept male or later will be the situation on what it now

Jun 24, 2013
Yellow Naped unproven pair
by: Linda

Amazons do not reach breeding age until around 4 years, so if the female is younger than that, she will not breed nor should she be bred because of the dangers of egg binding in hens too young to be bred.

The other issue is get them into a large breeding cage so you can put the correct size nest box that hangs on the outside of cage with only the opening and perch on the inside. You will also need a slider door right behind the hole so you can check on eggs and babies when you need to without interference.

As for the small cage, you do not want to breed in a small cage. You want to breed in the largest breeding cage you can afford because they need exercise before, during and after breeding just like normal. Just because you have not seen aggression yet does not mean you won't. Putting two strange birds together in a small cage is asking for trouble. It can take birds months to get to know each other well enough to even be left outside cage together much less to be ready to breed.

As for how to "make" birds breed, there is no way. A good diet of organic pellets will help a lot because sick birds or birds eating all seed diets do not produce high quality babies. In fact, whatever is wrong with them will be reflected in the babies including babies having infections if parents do. All breeding pairs have to be examined by an Avian Vet Prior to breeding.


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