Yellow peach faced lovebird is plucking tail and leg feathers!

by Erik Guerrero
(Toronto, Canada.)

Hello, I am extremely worried about my Peach-Faced lovebird Juanita. I have been trying to give her as much attention as i can, but i have other things to do as well. She's my most valued possession and i would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to cure her needs.

She is going to be 2 years old in January. A couple months ago, Juanita was rushing to go in my other bird's cage. Juanita is a bit aggressive so my Mom tried to stop her from rushing in by grabbing her tail lightly. Her tail feathers completely fell off and have not grown back yet.

I don't give her showers on a daily basis, but we think she is pregnant because she has been tearing up papers and stuff and sticking it in her wings since her tail is GONE.

I'm checking as i write this and all is little holes where i'm guessing the feathers are SUPPOSED to come out from and a few black things and little beginnings of tail feathers-yet they never grow! Directly above her feet a small area is bald.

I'm really worried and I don't have enough money to take her to the vet but i will do ANYTHING to keep her in good condition. Is all of this deadly? Will she survive? Is this molting? Should i take her to the vet?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Please reply soon!

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Nov 01, 2011
Bird plucking feathers
by: Tracie

It is normal for birds to release their tail feathers when grabbed or stepped on. It can take some time for them to grow back.

The picking of the leg feathers is a whole other issue. This can be due to behavior issues or illness. Please read our Feather Damaging Behavior article that was written by an avian vet.

Birds don't actually get "pregnant" like humans. They produce an egg which takes about 25 hours. The egg is laid and she is no longer "pregnant." This occurs about 4-6 times per laying cycle over a 7-10 day period. When she is (with egg) she is gavid."

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