yellow sided conure bites my fingers

Iv had my yellow sided conure since he was 6 months old, he is now a year and a half. He likes me a lot, i always play with him whenever i get the chance, i even trust him enough to grow his wings out and let him fly around his room ( which is the our game room).

ever since i got him he has never bit me hard, or even tried to bite me only when he needed something, but a month ago he would aggressively but my fingers like hes on a mission to chop them off. I still love the litte bugger, and i still play with him everyday, and let him out. But this aggression problem is starting to really annoy me.

I also have a Cockatiel that i baught of a guy who didnt treat him right and hes starting to like me a lot aswell which is nice.
thanks for your help

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Dec 06, 2011
Conure biting fingers
by: Tracie

We had a problem with our conures once they matured also. Please read the biting green cheek conure article on our Parrot Training page and the other training articles for help with this problem.

I know it is disheartening and difficult to have your bird turn on you. Having the wings trimmed will help the training process. Also, make sure your room doesn't have anything toxic the bird can chew. Even the metal on a ceiling fan may be toxic, which is another good reason to have your bird's wings trimmed so they don't chew something or have something fall on them.

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