The Yellow sided green cheek conure has personality plus.

Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure

There are some things to consider before bringing home a Green Cheeked Conure.

Widget, our yellow sided green cheek conure is a stitch! She is sweet and cuddly but gets offended easily.

When we brought Widget home, she had just been weaned. She was not used to climbing around a big cage, so we had to put the perches near the bottom.

She was always falling off the perches. I knew from experience that she was just learning, but the first baby I brought home it scared me to death.

The funniest thing she did back then, and still does today, is she jumps off whatever perch she is on to the bottom of the cage, backs up 3 steps and poops. I hate that! I'm afraid she will hurt herself some day.

Widget is pretty laid back for a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure. She plays quietly with her toys. She is pretty mellow compared to most Green Cheek Conures I hear about.

Widget had a bit of a biting problem shortly after we brought her home. It was her only communication when she didn't like what we were doing. I believe mostly she just didn't understand the benefit of what we wanted to do with her.

We would firmly tell her no and do something she wouldn't like. That is the key to training in my opinion. If we thought she was biting out of fear, we would cuddle her and show her that the food, toy or whatever wouldn't hurt her.

If she begged to come out of her cage and then bit me when I got her out, I would put her back and walk away. (I knew she wanted out, so I wasn't rewarding her for biting.)

She quit biting me and my daughter right away because we are home with her all the time and learned her likes and dislikes. My husband had more problems with her.

At first he didn't think he would ever like this moody girl. He wasn't so sure a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure was for him. LOLOnce he caught on to her likes and dislikes, things improved greatly.

Now Widget is his favorite and he is Widget's favorite person. (I guess a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure is OK after all.) This is only about 3 months after bringing her home. Patience and observation is the key.

When my husband comes home, Widget gets so excited and makes tons of noise. Yep, they do make noise, a lot of noise when they are excited. They just don't have the ear piercing volume the bigger conures have.

Sometimes my husband comes right over to her cage to get her out and things are fine. If he waits a few minutes, Widget gets offended. She is so very funny when she gets offended.

She will fluff up really big when my husband finally decides to come say "hi." He will open the cage door and ask if she wants to come out. He will put his finger in for her to step up is she wants to. She will either run into her tent or lean towards him to bite him.

If she leans forward to bite him, he says "no" in a low firm voice, not an angry voice. It doesn't do any good to get angry at a bird. They respect firmness, not anger.

We all know she really wants to come out and be with him, but she is so mad at him she just wants to bite him. He used to try to get her anyway, but he has learned it isn't worth the pinch.

He will shut her door, turn his back on her and walk away. He will give her a few more chances every 5 or so minutes until she decides to be nice. Then she would cuddle with him for hours if he would let her.

If Widget gets nips us while she is on one of us girls, we make a high pitched screech like they do when they are hurt. That way we communicate they are hurting us. It works every time.

That only works if they aren't trying to hurt you of course. If they are biting because we did something they didn't like, we hug them and tell them we are sorry for hurting them or whatever. We should have been more sensitive, is our theory.

This doesn't apply if they are biting because they don't want to go back in the cage or something. Just when it is our fault for not paying attention to their wants and needs.

We have another Green Cheek Conure, Buddy who knows how to bite too. He is not a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure. I'll have to write a story about him soon. He has a totally different personality than Widget.

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