Yellow-crested amazon listless

by Robert
(Hudson, Indinana)

Parrot was very active and vocal this morning but now seems listless. Still reacts to sound and stroking of feathers. Just not like he use to.

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May 23, 2012
Listless Yellow Crested
by: Anonymous

The last post regarding proper bedtime routine and enough sleep is great advice. My bird lets me know when it is time for bed and he gets a good 10-12 hours of sleep.

Also, have you brought anything new into the room?
Sometimes changing their environment with one little thing can cause stress and scare them because it is different.

May 22, 2012
Yellow-crested amazon listless
by: Anonymous

Question is, how long has your bird been like this? If it was only this morning he's been acting like this, then prehaps he didn't get enough sleep last night.

Setting a bedtime for your bird is a great idea. Make sure he's in a dark quiet room and undisturbed for the night. Covering the bird to help prevent distraction is also a good idea.

My vet suggests that 10-14 hours of sleep per night is key to a happy active bird. My birds go to bed at 8pm; in the cages, covered, and are up in the mornings about 7am. (As this is when the family has to start their day) Normally this is when they start making noises to let us know they're up too. (a lot of times before us, but the covers dont come off until 7.)
This gives them 11 hours of sleep.

If your bird is getting less then 10 hours sleep you'll see the next day he's listless, quiet, inactive.

Try giving your bird more hours of sleep time. See if this helps the bird.

If not, and this continues after a couple nights of good sleep, then I would highly suggest you take your bird to the vet.

Only an Avian vet can honestly diagnose the your bird with illness upon exam, and blood work. However, ensuring he's got plenty of sleep each night is a good place to start!

Good luck!

May 22, 2012
Yellow-crested amazon listless
by: Linda

Anytime you see sudden changes in behavior is the time to consider illness because changes in behavior, eating, sleeping and general energy levels can indicate illness. Sick birds do not just get well. They have to be examined and tested by an Avian Vet only to determine the cause and treatment plan.

Thanks for writing and let us know what avian vet has to say when you can.


May 21, 2012
Amazon acting listless
by: Tracie

Dr B can not really tell you if your bird is sick without examining the bird. The only way to tell if the bird is sick is for you to Find an Avian Vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine if something is wrong and what the potential treatment might be if it is sick or has chewed or breathed something toxic.

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