yellow-sided green cheek or maximilian pionus ?

by Rita
(Middlefield, Oh)

I lost my half-moon conure after almost 20 years. I want another conure. My hubby doesn't want another "squaker" in his life for the next 20 years. He wants me to get a maxi. pionus. I have read until I can't read anymore. Will I be happy with a pionus that more or less sits there or do I risk my marriage for a fun loving conure. I am looking at the yellow-sided green cheeks. They are not suppose to be as loud.

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Sep 28, 2012
Conure or Pionus noise level
by: Tracie

It is very difficult to purchase a bird hoping it will be quiet. I have owned both a pionus and a GC conure and both called out at times. I personally found that the GC called out more often, but not as loud as the pionus.

Even though the pionus made a louder sound, it was not as irritating to me personally, because it didn't do it so often and it wasn't as high pitched.

Our yellow-sided GC would screech often and still loud enough that I could hear it through several closed doors and at the other end of the house.

I suggest you take your husband to the breeder with you and go several times. Have him interact with the birds you are interested in and let him be a part of the process.

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