yellw dbl headed amazon behavior

by carol

I have an amazon name rosco he has been lately making loud noises and his tail eahers spread out cn you please tell me what is going on thanx

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Feb 25, 2011
Amazons are show offs
by: Anonymous (CT)

from working with Amazons for a while, I've noticed that anytime they make loud-type noises, their tail feathers will pulse and fan open with the noise they are making. they seem to just be "showing off" they love to be center of attention, every now and then you might see him fan out his wings and tail as well and dance around! In my opinion, its nothing to worry about!!

Feb 24, 2011
yellw dbl headed amazon behavior
by: Linda

If he is now 5-6 years old and sometimes a bit younger, this is the display dance and song. They hold their bodies stiff including legs, walk back and forth on perch with tail spread, wings out a bit and sing a nice loud song to attract females. If you have no female birds, then you probably do have human females, and this will do for him as he will now start being more attracted to human females. Not to say he'll not like men, just that sometimes when the males reach puberty, they try and monopolize the human female caretaker in the family. Just know that he is maturing, and enjoy the displays. If it gets to be a real problem and not just some singing, you can look at some training links on this site including consulting a behaviorist. He should settle down in a bit. It is now getting to be Spring, and breeding time is between March 1 and end of April, so expect more of his beautiful displays until then. Welcome to the world of the exotic wild animals called parrots!


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