Yoshi, the Alexandrine

by Ashley F
(Arlington, TX)

2.5 months old Alexandrine Parrot

2.5 months old Alexandrine Parrot

2.5 months old Alexandrine Parrot
2 months
Birdy Bathtime!
5 months old Alexandrine Parrot

Hello Reader!

I'm a first-time bird owner and everyday is a learning experience. I have an Alexandrine Parakeet (or parrot, depends on who you're talking to). The breeder I got him from said she mailed off for a DNA test and he is a male, but I didn't see the certificate, so we shall see.

He hatched on March 29, 2010 and came home with me on May 31, 2010. I finished up the last month or so of his handfeeding. Man, was that a crazy time! Having to make sure the formula is the right consistancy and temperature and making sure he is eating enough. But it was an eye-opener in another sense as well, it was like being a mom! I'm 23 and work full time, I can not imagine if he was a human baby, he is more than enough kid for me!

My boyfriend and I live together and made the decision to get Yoshi together. So far it has worked wonderfully, Yoshi seems to be a bit more attached to me (I'm generally the food giver), but he'll climb on Frank and talk to him. I also take Yoshi with me when I go to my parents or grandparents. He seems to do well with other adults and children. The only time he is finicky is in the morning. After I take the blanket off, he needs a few minutes to wake up. If I put my hand in his cage before he is ready, I'll get a nasty nip. He has to wake up, talk a little (usually a few rounds of "Good Morning!" and "Birdbrain" does it) then he'll climb out on his own accord and he is ready to be touched.

He isn't much of a cuddler, but sometimes he just wants to sit on me and not be stroked. He enjoys trying to eat my tattoos and earrings. But he can be loud. There are a couple calls he will do that echos a bit.

I spend a lot of time trying to think of weird things to teach him to say. Right now he says about a dozen or so things and is picking up bird calls for outside. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears.

I'm going to add some pics taken over our first year together :) When I look back to his baby pics, I realize what a long way he has come. He used to be so scruffy!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it :)

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May 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have just recently got this alexandrine baby parrot named him PACO and i guess he is 6 weeks old and still on hand feeding.
i had no experience but i guess i m doing well since he/she looks quite healthy to me. he is kind of shy and tries to hide in the dark corner of his box like kind of avoids light.
i am loving this experience and hope he/she grows up well.
i ma not sure when to transfer him/her to cage and how and when i shall start the weaning process
please help in this regard

Mar 19, 2014
Looking for Alexandrian
by: Anonymous

My alexandrine flew off one day and never found her...I was heartbroken....would like to get another one if anybody knows of one

Jul 04, 2013
mithu the great
by: jude

hi i too hve a 5 month old alex male.he is very notorious and playfull.he bites every finger that comes to pet him.He is adorable though i have problems feeding him as he does not eat well.have to give him multi vitamen drops.he likes to fly and injure himself.difficult to train him.its good to see all these post makes me feel we all sailin same ship.

May 13, 2012
Nice pics
by: shani

hi, It was wonderful reading about your Yoshi.. He is lovely.. We have similar situation as yours. first time owner of two lovely little baby Alex
We brought them home when they were 2 weeks old. now they are almost 6 weeks old. they are doing ok. just one little concern. One of them shows fear. when we approach him/her it moves backward. Does not show interest to have food. Takes one round of food (either through syringe or spoon) and backs off. not playful, or interested in things. while the other one is very active, learns to do new things.. approaches my wife when he is hungry and asks for food shows his love and is very active.
The breeder told us one is mail and one is female. I want to know if this behavior is due to sex or some other issue?
When will it start weaning and when should we start teaching them to sit on our hand

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Feb 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

Awwww so cute! I have one alexandrine, called Cocotte (French name lol) And i also have one indian ringneck named.... YOSHI!! Ahah love it <3

May 11, 2011
great going........
by: Rohan

i enjoyed reading about ur Yoshi.Really this is perfect time for me to get in touch with all such stories and experiences from you ppl.i took my alex male kid around 15th april 2011 and it was around 2 months old.i have named him "PILLU" and all signs are showing me that it's a Male.newaz coming back to the point i have few qns in mind and am expecting ans asap so i can behave accordingly with my PILLU.
Q1-When will he start to take food in 1 feet and eat,as of now he loves to eat from my hand or it the plate,if i dnt offer a plate he drops the food from his beak.
Q2-He has started to make very nice sounds and is trying to grasp names so what must be his age?
Q3-I have 1 adult alex male around 3 years old and he is very aggressive,PILLU is learning to bite from him,how can i stop thier biting habit?
Q4-BRUZOO is a matured male and alwaz tries to climb over PILLU thinking it is his mate,i dnt let this happen in my presence but i cnt do anything if it happens when am away,what can be done?

Mar 22, 2011
Alexandrine Parrot story
by: Tracie

I really DID enjoy reading about your sweet Yoshi. Thanks so much for sharing your story. :-)

Mar 22, 2011
Yoshi, the Alexandrine
by: Linda

Yoshi sounds like me in the mornings before my coffee! I don't want to be touched, looked at or even spoken to until I've downed that first cup!

Your bird will continue to pick up all kinds of noises and fact is, this type of bird can and is quite noisy on occasion. So long as his basic needs are met, he will not become too overbearing, but as puberty approaches, you may see differences in him as for aggression. Males tend to bond with female caregiver and females with the male caregiver. It means you will need to start being more careful when you interact with him. I suggest NO shoulder riding on you or anyone else because this gives the bird a very good place from which to attack your eyes and face. I've seen some severe injuries from this shoulder riding, and those birds were much smaller. So, train him to stay on your hands or in your lap. As puberty approaches and is fully here at a 2, 3 or 4 years old, you will notice some changes in his attitude. Since parrots are exotic wild animals, keep that in mind at all times when interacting with him. Displaced aggression is where bird would love to bite someone else you may be talking to or laughing with, and bird will attack YOU because you are handy! This is common with parrots and other animals as well. Once Yoshi reaches sexual maturity, you will be HIS, and he may become territorial with you, so respect who Yoshi really is and always be safe rather than sorry and on the way to emergency room!

Thank you for writing and for loving Yoshi as much as you do and for being willing to work with him and give him a safe, happy home. Many parrots suffer in pain and loneliness because they have ended up in homes where they should not even be. Just like some poor little human children.

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