you think u,r being kind,,,buzbie the amozon parrot

by net brad
(edinburgh scotland)

about 20 year,s ago i went to a man who sold parrot,s he had all different kind,s but in the corner was this poor wee amazon parrot(it was not cheap)about £300.but even although i could have used the money elsewere i could NOT leave it there.
on the way home in the car i was singing to it,it started to pick up,after i bought it a new cage and toy,s,it wanted for nothing,it was NOT JUST A BIRD TO ME,funny enough it took to my husband,it used to climb down it,s ladder walk to were his leg was and climb up to his shoulder and snuggle in,it necver bite him,sadly my husband died,wee had had the parrot for 10 year,s by that time,it never took to any 1 else and it missed him,it went quiet and u could hardly touch it,but after a whie it let me give it a pet on the headit,s been my pal ever since,
sadly a few day,s ago i noticed it did not greet me sat in the same spot without moving,did not look right,it ate toast every morning and had the usual sunflower seed mix plenty of fruit and veg,it loved toffee,what im trying to say to you all,thinking you are kind it got every thing but it was NOT GOOD to give it all the things it got,like toffee toastan a chip ,now if you,r like me an animal lover this has shook me up because i might have prevented it if i was NOT SO KIND.

so in memory of my wee BUZIE BEE ,I LOVED YOU SO MUCH and you got me through some HARD TIMES.TYVM for reading this.

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Apr 10, 2010
you think u,r being kind,,,buzbie the amozon parrot
by: Linda

Thank you very much for your letter, and I am sorry for both your losses. Your letter may very well help someone else though, and it means a lot that you would take the time to write it for us.

People kill their pets "with kindness" every single day, and I've never heard it put so very clearly and honestly as you have. Sweets, toast, basically ALL people food is bad for parrots. They should be eating organic high quality pellets with a little fruit and veggies that are also organic if possible. An all seed diet is very bad nutrition in that it lacks vitamins, minerals and proper proteins for a bird to grow and live well with. In the old days, when I first came into the parrot world, we were not fortunate enough to have pellets or even Avian Vets. We had to use dog food, monkey chow and fruit and veggies plus liquid vitamins and minerals to keep our bird alive and well. They had to eat a basic seed diet mixed with the dog and monkey food to complete the proteins. We had a dog vet from Guide Dogs for the Blind who would come and do checks for bacterial infections on our birds as he was going back to school to learn to be a bird vet. He was already fairly knowledgeable about the birds' needs and helped us a lot. When we left California, we lost several of our birds to various infections because we had NO Avian vets anywhere in our state. By the time testing results would come back, the bird would be dead.

So, to make a long story shorter, for all of you reading this lovely lady's story AND mine, APPRECIATE THE FACT YOU CAN TAKE YOUR BIRD TO AN AVIAN VET WHEN IT IS SICK, AND APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE ACCESS TO SOME OF THE FINEST ORGANIC PELLETED DIETS ON THE PLANET TO KEEP YOUR BIRDS HEALTHY. In this day and age, there is not one good reason for not taking a sick pet to a proper vet, and birds have to see an Avian Vet. There is NO good reason to still be feeding all seed diets with all the beautiful organic pellets available and affordable too!

We all thank you for your letter, and with your next bird, you will be better prepared to give it a much better life. You and husband did what you could for this one, and be assured he appreciated, loved and trusted you more than you'll ever know! Take care and Many Blessings to you and Family from Ours!

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