Young chicken...

by Patty
(Monticello, Fl. Jefferson)

I have a young silkie chicken who was recently cornered by the older hens who pecked and battered her. When I found her she looked ok, no broken skin but she was found with clinched toes which kept her from balancing.

She has gotten better but from time to time she still has a problem balancing and her feet go back into the curled position she was found in, then when i pick her up she brings her head to her chest and picks at her feathers? I'm assuming they hurt her back?

She was born healthy, but was just caught in her cage when an older female wanted in to roost. Her breast bone is thin but she's starting to eat better. I don't know if you work with chickens but I've raised her and others and don't want to loose her. Can you tell me what you think? Thanks!

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Nov 06, 2011
Young chicken problems
by: Tracie

Dr B does not try to figure out how to help birds over the internet, because birds will die if he is wrong. When a bird needs to be seen by an avian vet in person to determine the treatment, he suggests that you take the bird to an avian vet.

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your chicken to determine if there is an injury, internal infection etc. An in person exam will reveal the best treatment for your bird, and will keep your bird from possibly getting worse while you try this or that.

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