Zebra Finch breeding

by Stephen

My 3 Finches (one male two females) built a nest and within hours of completing the nest their were two eggs in it. Then the day after there was only two eggs. The male has only been seen mating with the grey hen. so would the eggs be fertile or shall i just leave them in the nest and wait and see what happens?

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Sep 20, 2013
by: Stephen

Both hens go mad when i separate them because they've been like sisters since i introduced them

Sep 17, 2013
Zebra Finch breeding
by: Linda

Stephen, first of all remove one of the hens. You breed exotic birds in pairs which is one male and one female. I recommend you throw the two eggs away because you will disrupt birds when you move the other hen out. Once the pair settles back down, they will breed again and lay eggs.Finches breed easily, so you will not lose anything by getting them set up correctly. Get another male for the other hen, and you'll be all set for babies. I used to breed the Zebras and trade babies after they were weaned to pet shops for food and supplies for the adults.

Thanks for writing and good luck!


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