Zebra Finch is missing feathers and more!

by Haley
(Huntington, WV)

Ok, so all of this seemed to happen literally overnight. Just yesterday, my female zebra finch had all of her feathers and was doing just fine and dandy. Well, this morning I went to check on her and her mate and she had half of her chest feathers missing! I have no idea what could've caused this as she's acted more energetic today than usual.

When I came home from school today, I noticed she had a couple more feathers missing from the back of her neck and her rectum was pushed out a tiny bit and it looked bloody. When she poops, it's not the normal color it should be, it's more of an egg white consistency and color.

I've checked their nest and there aren't any eggs in there, not that there would be anyway since it's not breeding season for them. I've given them 8-in-1 Marvel Aid oral remedy in place of their drinking water in case that could help her any. What could be going on with her? Should I separate the two for a while until she gets better? I've tried describing her as best as I can.

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Oct 20, 2011
Finch missing feathers and vent issues
by: Tracie

This is not something that can wait days or a week for Dr B to answer. You need to Find an Avian Vet right away. Your bird could be egg bound or have an infection or tumor.

As far as the missing feathers go, she could have pulled these to get to the pain inside her or the other bird could have plucked her. Please hurry and get this bird to an avian vet.

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