Zebra finches breeding?

Hi, I've got two zebra finches, male and female, and it looks as if they started to breed. What do I do? And what should I do if the eggs successfully hatch?

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Jul 23, 2010
Re: Breeding finches
by: Anonymous

And is there anything specific that I need to feed the parents?

Jul 19, 2010
Zebra finches breeding?
by: Linda

Hopefully you have the right kind of nest for them and plenty of the nesting material for them. These are little boxes of string that hang inside cage, has a little hole in it, and the female pulls string out as needed. The nests and the nesting material are sold in pet and bird stores. If you do not have a nest, you will need to get one in there quickly or she will lay in the floor, and you will need to throw all eggs away as the floor is not an acceptible place to raise baby birds.

You should not need to do anything while the eggs are being incubated, and Finch mothers and fathers are good about feeding their babies.

One all the new birds are weaned and eating regular adult food, you will need to separate them because they mature quickly, and you cannot have brothers and sisters and/or parents breeding together as the resulting offspring will be genetically devastated.

So, once they are weaned, you will need to put one bird to a cage until you can either find homes for them or trade them to a bird store for credit in food. Make sure that these brothers and sisters are NOT SOLD TOGETHER as breeding pairs as this will NOT WORK IN A BIG WAY.

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