Zebra Finches sleeping arrangements

by Callum

I have two zebra finches, i am not sure how to get them asleep and what they sleep in. Do you need a bed for them ?

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Feb 18, 2012
Zebra Finches sleeping arrangements
by: Linda

Your birds need about 12 hours of darkness in which to sleep. This means they cannot be in family room in front of TV all hours of the night nor can they be in a room with a computer that is on or being used. They need to go to sleep around 9pm or a little earlier each night in a quiet place away from family and noise.

They need the 12 hours of sleep so they are rested. Birds who do not get this kind of rest get sick and die, so make sure they are in a place at bedtime where they can get the rest they need. Their cage can be covered as well to give them a feeling of safety while they are resting.


Feb 17, 2012
Getting zebra finch to sleep
by: Tracie

You don't have to put them to sleep, they will just fall asleep on their perch. They may not sleep until you turn off the lights.

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