Zhuliah the Senegal

by Anonymous

Senegal Parrot, Zhuliah

Senegal Parrot, Zhuliah

Zhuliah is one picky bird. She is 6 years old and was my sister's at first. After my sister started breeding lovebirds and got a Black Headed Caique, Zhuliah started biting. She would fly from one side of the room just to attack.

Since I had bonded with her during a month long trip to Europe that my sister took, I bought Zhuliah from her. She was great, at first. Now she is very moody and easily scared. We are earning each other's trust again, but it is slow.

She talks all the time. Much more than I thought was possible for a Senegal. If she gets bored, she calls the dog or cat over to her and on the off chance one comes, she says "Hey!" "Good kitty/Raven" (Raven is the name of the dog.)

She says "bye" to the kids every morning before school, and "hi" when they come home. She knows lots of words, but it is the ones she uses rarely that I love. "I love you" "Goodnight" and "Mommy" are the sweetest words...

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Feb 19, 2008
So sweet <3
by: Stine

I know someone with a senegal :-) Those birds are super funny :-D Your senegal seems like a cute girl ;-) You should be prouvd (?) of her :-D

( I'm from Norway so the English is kinda bad )

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