Zyda! Red Bellied Parrot

Fairly recently I adopted a seven-month-old red-bellied parrot. His name is Zyda and already I simply love him.
He is one of my seven feathered companions and the largest. Having only lovebirds, cockatiels, and budgerigars for years, I sometimes find his snapping beak intimidating. He is not, by a long shot, the tamest bird I've ever had. At times I'll have him on my shoulder unable to get him to step up onto my finger to come down. I am diligently trying to get this vampire of mine to calm down and I have no intention of giving up on him. He certainly needs someone to love him, regardless his unpredictable biting.
Despite his violence towards my hand, he begs me to take him with me out of the bird room and has really hit it off with my lovebird - which was a total surprise to me. I should note quickly, however, that they are only together with very close supervision.

Zyda is an extremely quiet bird, and when he does make sounds, I find them very pleasant. I was told he talks, but so far I haven't heard a word from him.

He enjoys watching DVD school lectures with me and will sit quite contentedly on the arm of the couch eyeing the screen with interest worth envying - he may end up being a very smart bird . . .

I'm hoping he turns and gives me a chance.

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